Package L

Package L

Design/redesign of online store, booking system, ...

  • designing or redesigning an online shop, group shopping, booking systems, social networks, on-demand programming, ...
  • creation of logos, custom graphic solutions and typography if there is no standard book
  • creating responsive design (customizing the display on all types of devices - desktop, tablet, mobile)
  • content input (texts, images, image processing, video,…)
  • implementation of different payment systems, different shipping cost calculation systems, multiple currencies, lager lists, automatic creation and sending of invoices, statistics and sales reports
  • implementation of voucher options, discounts, promo codes, loyalty program, customer division by category, product comparison, purchase with or without registration, reviews and the like
  • creating and setting up a mail account
  • implementation of download options with download statistics, contact forms, various application forms upon request, Google Maps, ...
  • creation of various pop-up options, newsletter, calendars, catalogs, site searches and the like
  • linking the site to social networks
  • a Google Analytics implementation for visit tracking
  • site login to relevant search engines
  • site optimization (SEO)

Cost of making

  • from 1150,00 €

Additional services

  • domain registration and hosting lease
  • implementation of additional languages
  • technical support, site maintenance and content updates on a daily, weekly and monthly basis according to client needs
  • create, maintain and update social media accounts on a daily, weekly and monthly basis according to client's needs